"In a New York minute," the weather in the Hudson Valley went from summer to winter.

Late last week, Hudson Valley Post reported that summer-like weather seen in the Hudson Valley would quickly turn to winter-like weather.

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Fake Fall Arrives In The Hudson Valley After Frost Advisory


From frost to summer to snow? Early last week, most of the Hudson Valley was under a Frost advisory and some parts of the region experienced their first frost of the season.

The frost was followed by a number of beautiful days. Temperatures were around record-setting territory with highs in the mid to high 70s on Wednesday and Thursday and some parts of the region enjoyed temperatures in the 80s over the weekend.

But, weather experts were reporting parts of region could actually see some snow on Wednesday.

Parts Of Hudson Valley Deal With Snow

Blue design with white snowflakes
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Early Wednesday, Hudson Valley Weather confirmed snow as falling in the area.

Parts of the region dealt with "more light snow" Wednesday afternoon.

Hard Freeze In Hudson Valley

Even in parts of the Hudson Valley that didn't see any snow, residents woke up after a "hard freeze."

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Hudson Valley Weather predicted "the coldest night of the season so far."


By midnight Thursday, most of the Hudson Valley was at or below 32 degrees. Overnight lows in the area were between 25 degrees and 30 degrees with parts of Upstate New York and the Catskills seeing temps in the mid-low 20s.

"The first hard freeze of the season is usually a clear sign that the seasons are changing. For tonight and the next couple days... winter will certainly be in the air," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook.

Difference Between Frost And Freeze


If you're wondering, Hudson Valley Weather provided great information about the differences between a frost and a freeze, stating:

FROST : A frost occurs when temperatures drop between 32 to 37 degrees for an extended period. Usually, this will cause damage to more sensitive plants. However, if proper precautions are taken such as covering up plants, prospects of survival are good.

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FREEZE : A freeze happens when temperatures fall below 32 degrees for more than four hours. This event usually marks the end of the growing season, but some hardy plants can still survive.

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