Police across New York State are dealing with school shooting threats made towards schools in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region.

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Just before midnight on Sunday, the Village of Walden Police Department received a complaint in reference to a picture of a Snapchat post.

The post read:

I had to make a new account so they don't trace me. But me and a couple of my friends have been bullied for so long and we can't deal with it anymore. We plan on shooting up Central High School around 10 to 11 Am. We will shoot anyone on sight going around 5-10 students and 5 administrators.

The Town of Montgomery Police Department was notified about the post who then told the administration of the Valley Central School District.


Following an investigation, the Village of Walden Police Department said they don't believe the threat has anything to do with Valley Central.

"At this time, this post appears to be viral, referenced to central school districts, over social media platforms and does not appear to be a direct threat to our school district. If any new information arises, the Police departments will advise the public via our social media platforms or if an emergency occurs, via the school districts emergency notification system," the Walden Police Department stated.

Central School District 13J based in Oregon wrote on Facebook they believe the threat came from a person named Alex Anderson from Tennessee. They add the person responsible has been arrested.

Central School District 13J/FB
Central School District 13J/FB

Central School District 13J wrote the following on Facebook:

We have received information from Independence Police Department that the post is, indeed, from out of state. The person responsible has been arrested. We thank IPD for their continued partnership, and all of you who have shared with us the post.
There is a social media post being circulated regarding the threat of a school shooting. The post is made by Alex Anderson and references “Central High School.” Our district safety team and local law enforcement have been in communication, and in our research, we have found that this post is not directly related to Central High School in Oregon. We have evidence of a news article in Tennessee where concerns have also been raised.

In the Captial Region, police dealt with a threat made at against students and staff at Oneida Middle School in Schenectady.


A message warned about a school shooting:

"Shooting up Oneida Middle School (Schenectady New York) We plan on shooting 15 administrators and 40 to 50 kids on every floor starting with 7th grade. Any kid we see they're getting shot. 50 students total, if we see you in the hallways, bathroom or any area you will be dead immediately," the message states.

Following an investigation, police say the message was deemed to be a prank.

"Through the investigation it has been deemed that it is not a credible threat and it was intended to be a prank. There are no safety concerns in regard to this incident and the school will be open as normal. . The source of the threat was identified as early as yesterday afternoon, but due to it being a juvenile that information will not be released," the Schenectady Police Department stated. "Further, the source of the threat modified content from a TikTok video. The source created a fake account and modified a threat template to appear as a direct threat in Schenectady. None of it was original content. This is becoming a trend nationwide in other school districts."

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