After one person was bit by a shark while standing in waist-deep water officials worry that shark attacks could be "the new normal" in New York.

Two more people were bit by sharks in New York. Both shark attacks happened on Wednesday on Long Island

Man Bit By Shark Near Seaview Beach, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

A 49-year-old man from Arizona was bitten by a shark in what's described as waist-deep water around 6 p.m. at Seaview Beach on Fire Island in Suffolk County, New York.

Great white shark "smiling"

The man was attacked from behind and bit on his left wrist and buttocks, NBC reports. Fire officials say the man reported not having much feeling in his fingers and wasn't able to move them a lot.

He was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital with injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

Man Attacked By Shark At Smith Point Beach on Long Island, New York


Earlier in the day, a 41-year-old paddleboarder was bit by what he described as a 4-foot tiger shark causing a four-inch gash in his leg.

This shark attack happened at Smith Point Beach in Suffolk County, New York on Wednesday around 7:30 a.m. The attack caused the man to be knocked off his paddleboard. He defended himself by punching the shark.

Officials say it could have been much worse. After biting the man, the shark circled back but a wave luckily carried the man to shore, NBC reports. His injuries are said to be non-life threatening.

Smith Point Beach was closed for a few hours after the attack.

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"Unusual Incident" At Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York


This marks the fourth reported shark attack in New York over the past few weeks.

On Thursday, June 30, around 1 p.m. in Wantagh, New York a 57-year-old man suffered a cut to his right foot while swimming in the ocean at Jones Beach.

Teacher Bite By Shark At Smith Point Beach, Suffolk County, New York


A few days later, a man was attacked by a shark in Suffolk County in what officials are calling an "unprecedented attack." Zach Gallo was bit by a shark at Smith Point Beach.

Gallo, a teacher and lifeguard, was taking part in a rip tide training exercise when he felt a "sharp, sharp pain" in his hand. The Suffolk County lifeguard says he was able to wrestle the four to five-foot shark away.

Shark Attacks The 'New Normal' in New York

Suffolk County’s Executive Steve Bellone believes the recent uptick in shark sightings on Long Island may be the "new normal".


“To have two of these incidents happen for us for this facility for this beach is unprecedented,” Bellone said. "To have a second incident like this certainly is not something we would expect. I think it is an indication, however, that what we’re looking at is something of a new normal in that sharks, these tiger sharks, are just a little bit too close to the shore."

Bellone believes tiger sharks are now closer to shore than they've ever been before, adding shark interaction with humans may increase. He recommends staying out of the water when there are no lifeguards on duty and not swimming at dusk or dawn.

It's unclear why sharks are swimming closer to shore. Some officials believe sharks could be looking for bait fish.

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