Some are amused while others outraged after a replica Schitt's Creek sign appeared on Route 9 in the Hudson Valley.

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Matthew's Signs is getting some rave reviews and outrage for its spot-on replica "Welcome to Schitt's Creek" sign the Hudson-based company created. The sign, which can be seen above, is in tribute to the Emmy-winning show Schitt's Creek.

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At least one person has complained about the sign to the Stockport officials and the New York State DOT.

“The sign on Route 9 I find, if not obscene, at least sexist,” a woman wrote to Stockport Town Clerk Sandy Novak, according to the Times Union. “If that were a Black man standing over a white woman or a white man standing over a Black woman or a Jew over a Christian or a Puerto Rican over a Lebanese it would be considered sexist, racist something like that.”

Matthew's Signs created the sign for a friend's Schitt's Creek-themed birthday party with the faces removed from the sign so partygoers could take photos.

"Everyone thought it was funny," Matthew's Sign Co-owner Misty Brew-Kusewich said, according to Lite 98.7. "People are stopping by, taking pictures. I’m asking them to tag me. Everyone thinks it’s great.”

Brew-Kusewich told News 10 in Albany they didn't mean to offend anyone with the sign, which now sits outside Matthew's Sign.

"I didn’t mean to offend anybody, whoever this woman is,  I would love to talk to her,” Brew-Kusewich told News 10 said. “I kind of want to know what she thought was incestual.”

After the initial outrage, the owners updated the sign to read "Don't worry it's his sister," another homage to the hit show.

Stockport officials are looking into whether they can legally force Matthew's Sign to remove the sign.

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