A former Hudson Valley tree which was featured at Rockefeller Center this Christmas is going to help build homes for those in need.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is being taken down on Monday. The 72-foot-tall Norway, which came from the Hudson Valley, will then be given to the Habitat for Humanity. The organization plans to use the large spruce to help build homes for those in need.

This year's tree came from a home just off Fostertown Road in Orange County. The home was located at 617 State Route 32 in Wallkill. The tree was cut down in early November and then made its way to New York City and was covered with about five miles of multicolored LED light.

It's unclear where Habitat for Humanity will use the tree to help build a home or homes, but last year's tree was used to build a home in Newburgh, CBS reports.

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