New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is proudly claiming "New York is back!"

Gov. Hochul says New York State has made a "full economic recovery from the pandemic."

New York Is Back: Governor Hochul Celebrates New York’s Full Economic Recovery From The Pandemic

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Hochul's office believes New York State has made a full recovery from the pandemic thanks to the latest report from the New York State Department of Labor.

The latest data shows the total statewide private-sector job count of over 8.3 million jobs. That's the highest level on record, according to the New York State Department of Labor.

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“With jobs at an all-time high across the state, New York’s economy hasn’t just recovered – it’s been completely transformed,” Hochul said.

"Business Is Booming" In New York State

Don Pollard
Don Pollard

Overall, New York State has recovered nearly 2 million private jobs since April 2020. New York State hit a 30-year low during the peak of the pandemic with just 6.4 million jobs.

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“Business is booming, New Yorkers are getting back to work. Oir communities are stronger and more vibrant than ever. New York is back, and with our historic recovery and record-breaking 8.3 million jobs, my administration is moving full-steam ahead to keep creating good-paying jobs that help New Yorkers build a future here in our state," Hochul added.

The latest information from New York State shows the Empire State gained nearly 50,000 jobs in January 2024. Private Education and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality, and Professional and Business Services drove the growth.

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This is great news for Empire State job seekers because just last week Hudson Valley Post reported that "massive" layoffs are expected very soon in New York State. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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