Racist graffiti that bashes Muslims and immigrants while referencing ISIS and Donald Trump was found at a local college.

Instagram user Mookie03_ posted a photo-grid of racist graffiti that she says she found in her SUNY New Paltz dorm room.

Warning: The photo below contains explicit language.




One photo read, “Isis is calling! Muslims can Leave!”

Near toilet people, a heart symbol and the word, “Trump,” was written.

A third photo of graffiti, near the bathroom door, was full of curse words with derogatory comments towards “Latino immigrants,” and African-Americans.

In her social media post Mookie03_ wrote “Can't believe this is at my school. In my dorm. This is disgusting. I have no words. #notmypresident #sunynewpaltz”

SUNY New Paltz President Donald P. Christian responded to the graffiti.

“I know that we are all, in different ways and in different spaces trying to work through a range of intense emotions, including fear and pain, to the outcome of this week’s presidential election,” he stated. “We condemn hate speech and bias acts in our community and recognize that anytime they occur they harm the entire community.”

On Friday, over 600 SUNY New Paltz students marched in protest of Donald Trump and after news of the bathroom graffiti spread. Students rallied and held signs that read, “Not My President,” “Trump, You’re Fired,” and “We Reject the President Elect.”

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