Look, it's a toy, it's propaganda. No, it's just ridiculous. Whatever it is it's available now. and no, the extremely racist mini-figure wearing the sombrero is not included.

A MAGA inspired toy is stirring up some controversy. It could be the toy we had no idea that conservatives wanted. A pro-Trump website called Keep and Bear is now selling a Lego-like set. It's a mini figure of President Donald Trump standing in front of a giant brick wall.

I honestly don't care about anyone's political views. If you're pro-Trump or anti-Trump that's fine. It's your right. If you want to buy a Trump hat, shirt or toy then good for you. Here's where I have a huge problem.

I'm taking issue with the extremely racist mini figure on the box wearing a sombrero and armed with maracas.

Per the retailer, here is the description of the product.

"A mob of 10,000 Central American migrants is marching through Mexico and heading toward El Paso, Texas. Mexican border agents attempted to stop them at the Mexican border, but to no avail.

We understand why they want to flee Honduras and live and work in America. After all, we are the greatest nation on earth."

I'm usually the first to defend PC culture and saying it's going too far but this isn't humorous. It's actually kind of gross. As someone who leans a little conservative this offends even me.

This not a product endorsed by Lego.


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