Multiple times a teen from the Hudson Valley nearly died from the flu.

Last December, Rebecca Berak of Poughkeepsie contracted the flu and almost died. The then 13-year-old came down with the flu just days before she had an appointment to get a flu shot. She didn't get the flu shot earlier, because the honors student didn't want to miss school, CBS News reports.

Berak's condition quickly got worse. She went into shock, experienced kidney and respiratory failure had a fever of 106 degrees and bacterial pneumonia that ate away a portion of her lungs, ABC reports.

Doctors in Poughkeepsie transferred her to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at the Westchester Medical Center. During the hospital ride to Westchester County she "had to be resuscitated a couple of times," her mother, Kathie Berak told CBS.

She was near death by the time she arrived.

“She was on a ventilator to help her breathe. She required medications to keep her heart and blood pressure functioning,” Dr. Sheila Nolan said to CBS. “She was in what we would call severe septic shock.”

ABC reports her doctors said she was near death on many occasions during her stay at the hospital.

She was in the ICU for six weeks and then stayed for 10 weeks of rehab. She left the hospital in April and on Monday she returned to thank the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital Pediatric ICU medical team for saving her life.

Rebecca and her mom are now telling all children and their families to get the flu shot each year.

Rebecca should be able to lead a full and normal life but was left with scarred lungs and a scar on her throat.

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