Lately, it seems like the Hudson Valley is really booming. There is a lot of cool things going on and tons of new ideas coming to the area. The Hudson Valley Wine Village, located between Route 9W and the Hudson River, has been approved and the developer is looking to add other elements to the project. More restaurants and shopping sound like a good idea... (Hint hint.)

According to Yahoo Finance, the village holds 437 acres of space with beautiful views of the scenic Hudson River. With tons of room for growth some ideas being passed around are a hotel and conference center, office space, residential units, and not one, but two wedding chapels.

Andrew Maxon, chief operating officer at Hudson Valley Wine Village explains, "These are changing time in the economic development landscape of this Hudson Valley and this project is primed to be a very special addition to the New York State."

We'll have to keep a lookout to see what happens. The Hudson Valley seems like it's going to be getting a lot busier. See pictures of the beautiful views at Hudson Valley Wine Village.

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