In a last-minute twist, a popular chain may not be forced to close all of its stores in New York.

Last week, Hudson Valley Post reported a last-ditch plan to save all Buy Buy Baby stores, the nation's largest specialty baby product retailer, failed at the "eleventh hour."

Update On Buy Buy Baby In New York State


Go Global Retail, which owns the children’s apparel company, Janie and Jack, hoped to purchase Buy Buy Baby from Bed Bath and Beyond and keep the Buy Buy Baby chain running.

Buy Buy Baby's parent company, Bed Bath and Beyond, recently announced plans to likely close all of its locations.

However, at the last minute, an agreement on valuation couldn't be reached, according to Go Global Retail CEO Jeff Streader.

"We were being fair in our offer. Sixth Street (Bed Bath & Beyond’s lead creditor) was not unreasonable but there was a difference in opinion on valuation,” he said. “We wish the IP bid winners success in their journey," he said.

Analysts believed Buy Buy Baby had a chance of a better future than Bed Bath and Beyond.

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"Bed Bath & Beyond’s lead creditor, determined it could recover more of its losses than what Go Global was willing to offer by selling Buy Buy Baby’s intellectual property, auctioning off its leases and moving ahead with liquidation sales," CNBC states.

Buy Buy Baby May Be Saved




Dream on Me Industries, a New Jersey-based baby retailer, previously purchased Buy Buy Baby’s intellectual property for $15.5 million.

It's not clear what the company plans to do with the 11 Buy Buy Baby leases, but CNBC reports the retailer is "well-positioned to reopen" Buy Buy Baby stores.

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Buy Buy Baby Has Stores In Scarsdale, Brooklyn, Rochester, Port Chester, New York City, Garden City, Colonie, Amherst

Two of the 11 leases are in New York State. However, it's not clear at this time the exact locations. Four of the leases are in New Jersey.

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Buy Buy Baby operated 120 stores including 5 in New York. According To Buy Buy Baby's website, the company still operates stores in Scarsdale, New York City, Garden City, Colonie and Amherst.

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