The pregnant wife of a Hudson Valley politician who resigned lost her health insurance and could use your help, according to a GoFundMe established in her name.

For over two years, Laila Nicole Cohen-Tyner has been married to former Dutchess County Legislator Joel Tyner. Tyner resigned last month due to sexual harassment allegations. Allegations he firmly denies.

"I resigned to clear my name-- as paradoxical as that sounds-- I'm innocent of all the accusations...but I resigned to clear my name after it became very clear to me that the Dutchess County Democratic Committee power structure, its many supporters in northern Dutchess, GOP power structure, and media would not let me have a fair shot to clear my name and I would be declared guilty before proven innocent-- that's why I resigned," Tyner told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

Following the Tyner's resignation, Laila who's 23 weeks pregnant, lost her health insurance because she was covered by Tyner's position as a legislator, according to a GoFundMe set up for Laila.

"Like so many of us, Laila is one of JT's victims. Laila met JT through an online activist community and he convinced her to move from Oregon to NY and rushed the marriage. Laila was in a vulnerable place, newly clean & sober, and recently out of an abusive relationship. JT preyed upon her like he preyed upon so many of us," Ashley Casale wrote in a GoFundMe she started for Laila.

Tyner says he's not guilty of sexual harassment or abuse and hasn't been charged with anything.

"I haven’t been legally charged for sexual harassment, sexual assault, or trying to have sex with a minor-- I haven’t been charged legally for any of those things-- because I’m not guilty of any of those things— it’s all just a bunch of disgusting trash talk that I’ve become the victim of," Tyner said.

Laila wants a divorce and filed an order of protection against Tyner.

"She was able to get that order of protection by lying. pure and simple ....all this will come out in court-- trust me," Tyner told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

The GoFundMe alleges Laila is "a victim of emotional and psychological" by Tyner.

"That is a flat lie; it's the other way around frankly. like I said I do have an attorney; more than likely sooner rather than later this is all going to come out in court," Tyner said while directly responding to accusations of his wife being a victim of emotional and psychological.

The GoFundMe hopes to raise $4,800 to help pay for a divorce attorney, gas, food, and hotels for Laila's trip home to Oregon as well as baby supplies.

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