A city of Newburgh man discharged his weapon in the air while in the middle of a large crowd, according to officials.

On Friday, December 4, 34-year-old Demetrius Stewart, of Newburgh pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon the second degree. This was in connection to allegations that he discharged a pistol multiple times in the air while in the midst of a large crowd in the City of Newburgh, according to police.

On Friday, April 10 at approximately 10:35 p.m., a large group formed near Carpenter Avenue and First Street in the City of Newburgh. The "Shotspotter" system reportedly indicated that 13 gunshots had occurred on that street corner. A digital recording showed Stewart repeatedly firing a pistol in the air, according to officials.

A more detailed explanation on this, the "Shotspotter" program is an automated system that recognizes the sound of gunfire and triangulates the location of it and transmits the information to police.

The District Attorney's Office recommends that Stewart be sentenced to ten years in state prison and five years in post-release supervision. He will be sentenced on Jan. 21, 2021.

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