Twenty-five are accused of stealing over $275,000 in welfare fraud in the Hudson Valley.

On Thursday, Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler, joined by Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois, announced that 25 were charged with felonies, including welfare fraud and grand larceny, for allegedly illegally obtaining over $275,000 in public assistance benefits administered through the Orange County Department of Social Services.

During the investigation of the cases, civil investigators reviewed files of 25 public assistance recipients suspected of fraud, interviewed those recipients and forwarded cases to the District Attorney’s Office for further investigation.

The total amount allegedly stolen is $275,878.60.

The majority of the fraudulently obtained public benefits involved in this enforcement action were from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as “food stamps.” Some of the fraud included Temporary Assistance (TA), Public Assistance (PA) and child care benefits, officials say.

Below is the list of people arrested and their hometown:

  • Elizabeth Batista, Cornwall
  • Reina Calix-Maldonado, Newburgh
  • Lukisha Ceo, Maybrook
  • Lynita Davis, Middletown
  • Brigida Gorman, Goshen
  • Angel Gowan-Walker, Slate Hill
  • Candace Hall, Middletown
  • Darnella Johnson, Newburgh
  • Lana Jones, Middletown
  • Roseline Laguerre, Cornwall
  • Milciades Lerelbous, Unknown
  • Rodline Marthone, Newburgh
  • Matthew Mercado, Newburgh
  • Emma Morales, Goshen
  • Christopher Nieves, Middletown
  • Tina Palermo, Blooming Grove
  • Danielle Sanchez, Pine Island
    Tonya Sanders, Middletown
  • Deana Savoy, Middletown
  • Jean Simeon, Newburgh
  • Wynette Smith, Chester
  • Amanda Wagner, Highland Mills

Officials need your help finding the following people who are wanted on arrest warrants:

  • Mary Donoghue, Ireland
  • Katrine Kronaj, Albania
  • Pale Kronaj, Albania

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