A fire department in the Hudson Valley created a stunning 9/11 memorial.

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This week the Stanford Fire Company unveiled a 9/11 memorial outside Stanford Town Hall.

"This is simply beautiful," Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro wrote on Facebook while sharing a photo of the memorial. "Representing those lost on September 11, a total of 2,978 flags, including the Port Authority K9 lost that day. Dutchess County will #neverforget #911 #september11."

Nearly 3,000 flags were positioned outside Stanford Town Hall. 2,978 flags to be exact, which represents every person killed on 9/11, officials say. The Twin Towers are red firefighter flags which are surrounded by police flags that are flanked by USA civilian flags.

"The Stanford Fire Company did an AMAZING job with this memorial. It is the perfect tribute," Dani Seipp wrote on Facebook while sharing more photos of the memorial. "2,978 flags. Each Civilian, Firefighter, Police Officer, EMT, and K9 who we lost that day is accounted for. Sitting at the center is a tribute to Mr. Gilhooly who represented our community and exemplified what it means to be a public servant."

The memorial will be up outside Stanford Town Hall until Sept. 19. All are encouraged to go check it out while following COVID-19 protocols.

"Please stop by and spend a few minutes," Stanford Fire Company wrote on Facebook. "Remember those we lost, and those we continue to lose from illnesses they contracted in the rescue and recovery efforts. Remember those days when we pulled together. When we were all just Americans."

Check out the photos below:

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