Many people are unhappy with the new window tint law. A petition was started to try and repeal the law. Will you sign it?

In early 2017, a new tinted window law went into effect. Auto body shops now have to test the tent of your windows during your annual vehicle inspection. At least 70 percent of light must pass into your car.

If your vehicle’s tint is too dark, your vehicle will not pass inspection.

“Dark tinted car windows can inhibit drivers from making necessary eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers, they also can place law enforcement officers in jeopardy when making traffic stops because they cannot see what activity is occurring inside the vehicle,” state Sen. John DeFrancisco said after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the law.

Recently, a petition was started in hopes of repealing the new window tint law.
“We urge our ELECTED OFFICIALS to act with common sense, and stand up for the people that put them in office and remove this ludicrous requirement from our states legislation,” the petition states.

Over 11,000 signed the petition, as of this writing, with the hope of reaching 15,000.

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