The new year will bring many new laws to New York State. Some are predictable and some are a bit odd, including allowing eating during a funeral.

Increase in minimum wage

The minimum wage will increase in 2017 to $9.70 an hour for most of the Hudson Valley. Westchester and Long Island will see an increase to $10.50. While, workers in New York City, at a business with at least 11 employees, will be paid $11 an hour.

Tinted Windows

Auto body shops will now test the tent of your windows during an annual vehicle inspection. At least 70 percent of light must pass into your car.

Fight Against Heroin

In 2017, insurers will have to cover the costs of naloxone, a drug used to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. Approval from insurance companies will no longer be needed.

Breast Cancer Screening

Over 200 hospitals will have to extend breast cancer screening times by at least four hours. This should help working women make an appointment.

Organ Donor At 16

Sixteen-year-olds who apply for a learners permit can now be an organ donor. The previous age for organ donors was 18.

 Move-Over Law expansion

Drivers will be required to move over, when feasible, as they drive past vehicles with blue or green flashing lights. These lights are for volunteer firefighters and EMTs. The law already requires drivers to move over for police and other emergency vehicles.

Food at Funerals

Funeral homes will be allowed to serve food and nonalcoholic drinks, according to the Times Union. New York is one of the last states to legalize food and drink service during a funeral.

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