A New York "teacher" is accused of having eight children living in a "condemned" Hudson Valley restaurant with no running water and baby chickens.

On Wednesday, the Ellenville Police Department responded to help the Ellenville Fire Department and Ellenville Building Department at 211 South Main Street in the Village of Ellenville, New York.

8 Children Found Living in Condemned Building In Ulster County, New York


"The building which was an old restaurant had been condemned and was clearly posted with orders from the Village (of Ellenville)," the Ellenville Police Department stated.

Police found eight children that were living inside the condemned building illegally without adult supervision, police say.

"There were numerous violations including no running water (and) the conditions were unsanitary," the Ellenville Police Department said.

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Children Found Living In Old Ellenville Restaurant With Live Chickens, No Water

The little chicken

Police also said they found baby chickens being housed in the building, which is a violation of the Village of Ellenville code.

A man who described himself as a Rabbi and teacher dropped the children off at the location last Wednesday and left them there unsupervised knowing no one was supposed to be in the building, police say. Burec Stein, 24, of Brooklyn, New York was charged with eight counts of endangering the welfare of children and various other village of Ellenville ordinance violations.

The building was once a buffet, according to Google Maps.


Central Hudson was notified and responded to cut the power off to the building. The building was also boarded up more to prevent any more unlawful entire, officials say. The chickens are being relocated to be properly cared for, police say.

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