Many Hudson Valley parents are outraged after President Donald Trump was left out of a first-grade President’s Play.

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On Thursday, Nassau Elementary School in Poughkeepsie held its annual "1st Grade President’s Play." The school teaches grades K-2 in the Spackenkill Union Free School District. A parent sent a video of the play to Hudson Valley Post, where the students sing all the names of U.S. Presidents but don't mention Donald Trump.

"The teacher actually instructed the kids to omit the president's name," the parent told Hudson Valley Post.

According to the parent, his 6-year-old daughter informed him, the teacher told the class to leave Trump out.

"We just want an apology to all the parents and the students. Regardless of political affiliation, this has no business in public school," the parent said.

Hudson Valley Post reached out to the Spackenkill Union Free School District Superintendent who told us Trump's omission "was not intended in any way to not fully recognize our current president."

"The children sing to a commercial recording. The commercial recording ends with presidents that have completed their term of office. When the newer version is released that should include President Trump and of course we will recognize him equally," Mark Villanti said in an email to Hudson Valley Post.

A video sent to Hudson Valley Post of children from the same school singing the same song from 2019 also leaves out Trump. Villanti notes changes will have to be made in order for students to sing the song next year.

"In retrospect, knowing the sensitivity of the partisanship divide we should have explained possibly the reason for what may have seemed like an omission or slight of our current president. The music needs to be updated or we will not use it next year," Villanti said. "We believe that our first graders should develop a respect for American history including knowing all presidents."

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