Due to popular demand, a restaurant from the Hudson Valley is following others from across the nation and offering to-go taco kits.

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Guerrilla Tacos in Californa recently began selling a $150 emergency taco kit. The kit includes five pounds of chicken, five pounds of carne asada and quarts of salsa, tortillas, onion, cilantro, rice and beans.

Last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo closed all restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters in the state.  Restaurants are allowed to offer take-out and delivery services. Bars can also stay open for take-out or delivery.

To stay ahead of the curve, many local restaurants are getting creative. Like Bubbakoo's Burritos in New Windsor. The eatery is now accepting take-out and delivery orders for "Family Taco Kits."

One taco kit cost $39.99. The kit comes with 1.5 pounds of chicken, beef, or pork; 24 soft tacos, one pint of pico de gallo; one pint of house salsa; one pint of sour cream; one pint of queso cheese; one 6oz cup of hot salsa; one 6oz cup of shredded cheese; and one pound shredded lettuce.

You can order online or call 845-522-8126

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