A Hudson Valley man brutally beat and nearly killed a 67-year-old woman in her apartment building.

On Tuesday, Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah and Yonkers Police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza announced that 42-year-old Yonkers resident Tammel Esco was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison.

Westchester County, New York Man Commits Violent Hate Crime in Yonkers, New York

Esco was sentenced for a violent hate crime against a 67-year-old Asian woman in Yonkers in March.

“Today we close a chapter on one of the most vicious and shocking hate crimes we’ve seen in Westchester County," Rocah said. "This is a case that has traumatized not only the victim and her family, but also her neighbors, the Westchester community, and the broader Asian American and Pacific Islander community," Rocah said.

Esco confessed to brutally beating a 67-year-old Asian woman who was entering her apartment building on March 11, 2022.

Esco pleaded guilty to assault in the first degree as a hate crime on Sept. 27, 2022. He has been held without bail since being arrested in March.

Filipino Hudson Valley Woman Brutally Beaten in Yonkers, New York Home

Yonkers Police Department
Yonkers Police Department

Esco approached the 67-year-old woman from behind as she entered her apartment building on Riverdale Avenue. He yelled a racial slur and then started to beat the woman.

The Yonkers man punched the Asian woman in the head, knocking her to the ground and continued to punch her more than 125 times, repeatedly stomping on her upper body while wearing construction boots. He later spit on her.

Esco confessed he cursed at the victim, punched her more than 100 times in and around her head, repeatedly stomped on her upper body, and spit on her.

Hudson Valley Victim Speaks Out

Yonkers PD
Yonkers PD

The victim was transported to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, where she was treated for bleeding on the brain, multiple facial fractures, and bruising and lacerations to the head and face.

The victim appeared in court and read the following statement:

Because of the viciousness and hate of Tammel Esco, I lost the place I called home for over 24 years, the place where I raised my daughters, and my longtime neighbors... As the attack happened, all I could think was, ‘Please Lord let me live, please Lord my daughters need me.’ A complete stranger heartlessly spit, beat and kicked me over 100 times just because of my heritage... My only hope is that God and the criminal justice system will see fit to make sure this never happens to any other innocent family again.

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Brutal Beating Caught on Camera

Yonkers PD
Yonkers PD

The brutal beating was captured on video surveillance.

You can see a graphic video of the incident by CLICKING HERE.

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