While we all love and live in the Empire State, it's sometimes easy to think that the grass is greening in other states. This seems especially true since more young and rich New Yorkers are heading out of state to call other places their home.

We all know the bad reasons why someone would maybe decide to head out from New York State, from some of the highest taxes in the country to the fact that it seems that New York is looking to ban just about everything.

Putting those things aside, the Empire State is still a great place to be and according to a new survey released by US News and World Reports, there are several cities in New York that are the best places to live and raise a family.

Where Is the Best City In America To Raise a Family?

This survey breaks down the Top 25 cities in America to raise a family and believe it or not, Huntsville, Alabama tops the list.

According to the survey, Huntsville ranks as a very affordable area and its low risk of extreme weather makes it a good place to be.

What New York Cities Are Best To Live and Raise a Family?

Of the Top 25 in the entire country to raise a family, 4 of them are New York cities. New York also has the most cities that appear in the Top 25, which says a lot considering all of the New York cities in the Top 25 other must larger places like Washington D.C.

Albany comes in as the 7th-best place in the country to raise a family, followed by Syracuse as the 12th-best place in the country. Rochester falls farther down on the list at 21st on the list of the Top 25 places to raise a family.

Where Does Buffalo Rank Among The Best Places To Raise A Family?

The Queen City sits as the 17th best place in America to raise a family. Boosted by its proximity to Canada and extremely affordable cost of living, the 716 is a great place to be.

The most interesting this about this list of the top cities to raise a family is that New York City doesn't appear in the rankings at all. This seems yet another reason why Buffalo is the best city in New York.

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The Best Places To Work In New York State

According to Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers, these are the top companies to get a job with in the Empire State.

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