You might not know that those wipes can really damage some of the things that you wipe down.

In this new world of cleaning, most of us are relying on using disinfecting wipes to clean just about everything in and around our houses, work spaces and vehicles.

For the last few months most of us have had an almost impossible time even finding disinfecting wipes at any stores in the Hudson Valley. At one point it got so bad trying to find them at stores that some people would call everyone they know if they spotted any on store shelves.

Back in March I bought one of those three packs at the store and I'm happy to say that I still have one container left today and NO you can't have any..LOL.

If you are lucky enough to have some at home right now and plan to use them to clean anytime soon before you do keep reading.

I had no idea that because of some of the chemicals that are used in most wipes, including alcohol, ammonia and others, using them on these five things can cause damage that most times can't be fixed, according to Cheapism.

Never Clean These 5 Things With Wipes

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