A great program just announced more funding.

One of the many struggles that families across the Hudson Valley are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic is dealing with the many layers of child care and when one of our counties in the Hudson Valley announces that they are able to help more families, we need to spread the word because any help is good help.

According to Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan's Facebook page, the Project Resilience Child Care Initiative has secured much needed funding. The Project Resilience Child Care Initiative is a public and private partnership put together months ago to help assist families with unforeseen childcare needs due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The program is designed by Ulster County to help families that meet certain income requirements in many ways including private scholarships, childcare subsidies and more, and are now able to help even more families as they have announced that they've received a whopping $200,000 more in funding.

Pat Ryan said that the Project Resilience Child Care Initiative will now utilize the $200,000 in funding to expand existing programs that are provided by the county. They will also now be able to give local families the ability to participate in school age Children Programs throughout Ulster County.

If you are an Ulster County resident and would like to see if you qualify for any assistance or would like more information about the Project Resilience Child Care Initiative, you can call the Ulster County Recovery Service Center anytime at (845)443-8888 or checkout their website online here.

As a parent, I fully understand the struggle that families are facing due to a lack of child care. Through helping to...

Posted by Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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