A community college in Troy has hired its first-ever ESports coach.

According to My Twin Tiers, Hudson Valley Community College in Troy recently hired Bob Stranahan as their first-ever ESports coach. Stranahan was previously a teacher at a nearby high school, where he also coached ESports for over a year. Hudson Valley Community College's ESports program is called Vikings ESports.

If you have a young child, you've probably heard them say how they would love to become a "professional gamer" and this is how they could do that. Stranahan says that ESports provides important skills like teamwork and critical thinking, as reported by My Twin Tiers. Millions of dollars are offered to ESports athletes annually. The top professional players and teams have made hundreds of thousands from winning tournaments, according to Forbes. PVDDR, a gamer in Brazil, has made $300,000 this year from playing Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Stranahan said, "It’s not just somebody sitting home alone playing video games. There’s so much more and so many bigger aspects to that," according to My Twin Tiers.

Vikings ESports will offer a variety of games for people to partake in competitively. They will offer solo and team games. Some of the games include Fortnite, FIFA, Madden, Overwatch, Super Smash, and more, according to My Twin Tiers. If you want to try out, just email Coach Stranahan as the NJCAAE is set to start on September 20.

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