Police are searching for a "skunk whisper" from Upstate New York and offered guidance on what not to do if you see a skunk near your home or out in the woods.

This week, in its latest "Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol" report, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced what not to do if you encounter a skunk.

Skunk Whisperer – Cattaraugus County, New York


Late last month, ECO Powers received a phone call from a concerned quail hunter who reported witnessing a large skunk inside a live trap near a ditch on Traffic Road in the town of Otto.

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"It appeared whoever trapped the skunk abandoned the animal and trap to avoid getting sprayed," the DEC stated in a press release.

Skunk Saved In Upstate New York

Officer Powers responded to the scene, found the distressed skunk in a cage, carefully walked up to the trap, maneuvered it to avoid being sprayed, and opened the door.


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"After some initial hesitation and assistance from the Officer, the skunk wandered off unharmed," the DEC added.

Don't Do This With Skunks In New York

The DEC hasn't released any known details about who may have trapped the skunk, the person they called a "Skunk Whisperer."


But, the DEC did release this advice for all who encounter skunks in New York State:

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ECOs encourage individuals who trap an animal they are uncomfortable approaching to contact DEC for assistance.


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