In a meeting of a lifetime, in the Hudson Valley, a Holocaust survivor met the man who freed him from a Nazi concentration camp.

On Friday, Nando Katz was reunited with Alan Moskin at the Mt. Kisco Hebrew Congregation. Both men hugged and shed tears as they met for the first time in over 72 years.

“Most horrific sight I’ve ever seen or ever hope to see the rest of my life,” Moskin told Fox. “Piles of skeletal-like bodies on the left, another pile of skeletal-like bodies on the right.”

The pair, now both 91, said they choose to meet publicly because of the many Holocaust deniers.

Katz was born in Czechoslovakia in 1925. Two of his siblings and both parents were killed in Auschwitz.

In 1944, when the Germans invaded Hungary, Katz was taken to Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Several months later, in early 1945, he and many others were marched to Gunskirchen where they were left to die, according to the WCJS.

Moskin was drafted into the U.S. Army at age 18 and served during World War II from September 1944 until August 1946. He fought through France, Germany and Austria and rose from private to staff sergeant.

In May 1945, his company participated in the liberation of the Gunskirchen concentration camp, a sub-camp of Mauthausen, which freed Katz from the Nazi concentration camp.

“He was looking forward to this meeting for such a long time,” Katz’s daughter told Fox.

Katz eventually moved to the United States and settled in Westchester.

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