It didn't get to happen in 2020 according to the Facebook post put up this afternoon by the Orange County Fair Speedway (OCFS) but nothing is stopping the Ms. OCFS 2021 Pageant from taking place this year. Today OCFS announced that it has moved the pageant online.

On both the OCFS website and on their Facebook page the announcement was made that 2021 will have a Ms. OCFS Pageant. They have made all the pageant rules and sign up forms available online at This year's winner will receive the title, the crown, prizes (some still to be announced) and pit passes for them to use with a friend.

OCFS is hoping that the 2021 season will once again welcome fans back to the stands and the drive-in. Some restrictions are being lifted but it will take time for all of them to be rolled back. In the meantime OCFS is ready to move forward and select a Ms. OCFS for 2021.

If you or someone you know wishes to participate the age requirement is 18 years or older. Contestants this year will be asked to submit photos and videos using online methods to be included in the pageant. These will be reviewed by a selected panel of judges and the winner and runners up will be selected for all the entries received.

OCFS has broken out the submissions into 4 categories which they are asking be sent in over a 4 week time frame from February 22 through March 19th. The first week is Photogenic. Week two is the Video Interview. Week three gives the contestants the opportunity to show their Motorsports Wear and the final week is Victory Lane/ Trophy Girl Wear. For the full descriptions and timeline plus the criteria for judging go to or use the button link below.



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