"Try that in a small town." You won't have to try to spend that much money if you live in this part of New York State.

The debate over Jason Aldean's new song, "Try That in a Small Town" continues.

Debate In New York State Regarding Hit Song

Jason Aldean
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Critics claim the song encourages lynching's and violence, while others are calling it the song of the century. The song came under fire recently after the music video was released.

The video shows some footage of BLM protestors confronting police, burning the American flag and security footage of random robberies. Debate over the song has helped Aldean reach the top of the music charts.

The song is currently number-one on the iTunes. Aldean addressed "cancel culture" on the debate over the song during a concernt in Ohio on Friday. Days prior he performed at Bethel Woods.

Chuck Merrihew
Chuck Merrihew

He thanked his fans for rallying behind him "like I've never seen before," adding the song is about taking care of our neighbors regardless of race or religion.

Whether you like the song or not, there's one thing I'm sure we can all agree on, it would be nice to live somewhere affordable.

New York State Nearly Leads Nation In Rent Increase

In the past year, rent has increased by nearly 12 percent in the Empire State, according to the report from Rent. New York ranks 5th in the nation in terms of the highest year-to-year increase in rent.


The median rent in New York State is $2,794. That has increased 1.21 percent in the past month and nearly 12 percent, 11.71 percent, in the past year, according to Rent.

If you rent in New York, you're probably not shocked that New York nearly leads the nation in rent increase. However, you may be shocked to learn the most affordable small town in American is found right here in the Empire State.

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Most Affordable Small Town In America Found In Upstate New York State

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Realtor.com recently named "The 10 Most Affordable Small Towns Where You’d Actually Like To Live."

"The Realtor.com data team found America’s most affordably priced, small towns that also have lots to offer residents. These aren’t just nice places with low-priced real estate. These are places where you might actually love to live," Realtor.com states about its report.

A town in Central New York topped the list.

Cortland, New York Named Most Affordable Small Town In America, Near Ithaca, Syracuse

Most Affordable Small Town In America Found In New York State

 You won't have to try to spend that much money if you live in this part of New York State.

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To craft the list Realtor.com team looked at hometowns in the United States with 10,000 to 50,000 residents.

"Then we pulled together U.S. Census Bureau data detailing the dining, entertainment, recreation, and quality-of-life business establishments in the area, and calculated their rate per 100,000 residents. We ranked the towns using an equal combination of those categories, as well as home list prices," Realtor.com states.


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