A petition was started to stop a new DMV "money grab" that will cost most New Yorkers.

Senator Sue Serino, of the NY Senate District 41, started a petition in response to
the news that New York will be replacing its current license plate design and charging New Yorkers up to $45 to get new license plates.

“This is a money grab plain and simple. Here in the Hudson Valley we pay enough in erroneous fees to the DMV—like the $50.00 registration fee we have been forced to pay for years to the MTA—and our residents are tired of it. The poll that was released to let New Yorkers pick the new design is a sad attempt to distract from the fact that this is just one more way for New York State to cash in on the backs of hard-working New Yorkers, " Sernio said.

Under the proposed License Replacement Program, in April 2020, New Yorkers who renew their vehicle registrations will have to pay an additional $25 license plate replacement fee, if their plates are ten years old or older.

New Yorkers will be forced to purchase new license plates even if their plates are in good condition. If you want to keep your same plate number you will be required to pay an additional $20.

"Following a legislative session where one party control brought with it the passage of new taxes and fees on everything from internet purchases to paper bags, this proposal only adds insult to injury. I urge the DMV to rethink this misguided plan and revoke any requirement that forces New Yorkers to pay for new plates they simply do not need," Serino said.

The new plates will replace the Empire Blue & White plates, most of which are more than 10 years old, according to Gov. Cuomo's office.

"As the life span of the old plates comes to an end and we develop new ones that are as easy to read as possible, I encourage all residents to take part in choosing this piece of our state's history and the State Fair is a perfect place to do that,' Gov. Cuomo said.

Currently, over 3 million vehicles in New York State have aging plates that are 10-years-old or older, officials say. Because of their age, many of them are damaged, oxidized and peeling, making it difficult or impossible to read the license plate number, according to the governor's office.

On Thursday, Serino started a petition to "Say No To Newest DMV Fee." You can sign it by CLICKING HERE.

New York State is expected to have a new license plate design by April of 2020. You can vote on the new design by CLICKING HERE.

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