Ever since my baby was born last August my wife has been over protective and I'm ok with that usually but, now it's becoming a bit ridiculous.

The baby and I were out playing at the park and for a walk and she got a bit of sun and my wife freaked out that she might ruin her skin.  She had a bite on her face and my wife was insisting that it was either a spider or a mosquito.  For the record, it was neither.

Baby ended up getting some shampoo in her eye but my wife didn't realize that and when she saw that she had some redness, she was insisting that it was pink eye.  We haven't been around anyone that had pink eye and the baby really doesn't go around other people or kids unless she knows them.

Now, because of this huge outbreak in Measles, she is freaking out about everything.  She even so much as said that I could have them when my allergies were bothering me.

Is she being a hypochondriac or just an overprotective mom?

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