New York officials likely saved a man's life. Officials say the man overdosed and crashed his car in the Hudson Valley. He was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

On Tuesday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released its DEC Forest Rangers - Week in Review. Among the new items was a driver in the Hudson Valley who overdosed while driving on Cinco de Mayo in Orange County.

On Thursday, May 5 around 4:30 p.m., DEC Forest Ranger Gullen was driving back to DEC headquarters after hoist training when the DEC officer noticed a vehicle traveling westbound crossed the median and hit the guardrail in the Town of Newburgh. The DEC did not say where in the Town of Newburgh the accident occurred.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Rangers Conduct Hoist Training in Town of Newburgh, New York, Orange County


On Thursday, Ranger Gullen trained with other Ranger hoist operators Cowart, Mitchell, Slade, and Stratton in an exercise with New York State Police aviation out of the Newburgh hanger, according to the DEC.

"The exercise required Rangers to insert and pick up multiple personnel in unplanned locations in the area of Breakneck Ridge in Hudson Highlands State Park. The Rangers also simulated loss of communication with the ground, requiring the use of signal mirrors and other signaling methods to communicate with the pilots," the DEC wrote in a press release.

Overdosing Driver Crashes Car in Town of Newburgh, New York

After noticing the accident in the Town of Newburgh, Ranger Gullen pulled over and found the driver, a man, unconscious and foaming at the mouth, according to the DEC.

Ranger Gullen believed the unnamed driver was overdosing and administered one dose of Narcan. Narcan is a drug proven to reverse an opioid overdose.

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic
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The driver responded to the Narcan and was able to walk to an ambulance, which was called by Ranger Gullen.

The man was then transported to a nearby hospital. The man's condition wasn't released. It's unclear as of this writing if the driver was charged.

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