In a wild story a man was charged for illegally killing a deer in the Hudson Valley while using his brother’s hunting license.

Recently, the Department of Environmental Conservation officers received a call from a group of hunters reporting a trespasser who shot a deer on the property where the hunters had exclusive permission to hunt in the town of Woodbury.

One hunter claimed to have heard a bow being fired twice from a nearby tree stand and approached the stand to investigate. As he approached, another man fled.

The hunter chased the unknown man and eventually caught up to him and another unknown hunter.

The men showed the other hunter two hunting licenses that the hunter believed were expired. The hunter took photos of the hunting licenses and their car.

Officers soon tracked down the location of the hunter identified on the license. However, that man said he didn’t go hunting that day. He did admit to giving his hunting license to his brother, officals say. The man was ticketed for transferring his hunting license to another individual.

The brother was soon found and allegedly confessed to not possessing a hunting license and to shooting the deer. The unnamed man was issued several tickets, including possessing the license of another, hunting without a license, taking a doe deer without a permit, and failure to tag deer as required.

The deer was donated to a cadet-only sportsman education course at the United States Military Academy at West Point for a live field dressing demonstration.

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