One of the "most historic and architecturally significant homes" in the Hudson Valley hit the market for $4.4 million.

Hudson, New York Home One of the Most Historic and Architecturally Significant

On Thursday, July 14, a home located at 154 Yates Road in Hudson, New York hit the market for $4.35 million. Officials note this is one of the oldest homes ever built in the Hudson Valley.

Realtors say it's "one of New York's most historic and architecturally significant homes." The home called Hudson Bush Farm was built in 1785 by a Revolutionary War veteran.

More information and photos from this historic Hudson Valley, New York home are below:

Look Inside 1 Of New York's 'Most Historic' Hudson Valley Homes Worth $4.4 Million

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The Wall Street Journal reports the Hudson, New York home is one of the oldest properties in the region.

The home was built in 1785. The home was originally built by Hendrick I. Van Rensselaer. Van Rensselaer was a Revolutionary War veteran and also a member of the prominent Hudson Valley family.

Rupert Wyatt and Erica Beeney purchased the property in 2015. The couple paid $2 million for the historical Hudson Valley home in January 2015.

If you are interested in this historical home, sadly, you are out of luck. On Monday, July 18, just four days after being listed the home had an accepted offer.

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