A new burger in the Hudson Valley, called the “Legoland Burger,” is stirring up a lot of controversy.

The proposed LEGOLAND in Goshen still hasn’t been finalized. Last year, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus told WPDH he was over “90%” certain that Legoland was coming to Orange County.

However, no deal has been announced as concerns over increased traffic on Route 17 in Goshen remains a sticking point.

As Orange County residents weigh the pros and cons of the amusement park, another LEGOLAND controversy has developed.

In a Facebook post, Catherine’s Restaurant in Goshen unveiled their new “Legoland Burger.” The burger is piled high with cheddar mac and cheese, pulled pork and coleslaw.

Admittedly, the burger looks delicious, but because it has LEGOLAND in the name, controversy followed in the Hudson Valley.

“This is incredibly insensitive to the situation in town and to the 1500 local people who have signed the petition to stop this project,” Chris Miele wrote in the comment section of the Facebook photo.

“Thousands lost to sell .... a few burgers good luck with that very disappointed in Catherine's,” Debra B. Corr said. “Would you like ‘Lies’ with your burger?”

“Lost my business,” commented Jeanne Ryan.

Others came out in support of the burger and the restaurant.

“The owner of Catherine's has been a stalwart and faithful Goshen community member,” Lynn Allen Cione said. “He has supported this community for decades with his time, his talent and his money. He has treated the people of this town and those of the county with the utmost respect and graciousness. I support Steve and I support Catherine's and am grateful for the important role they have in the life of this community.”

“That looks fantastic!!! Love it when they create out of the norm burgers,” Jess Renee wrote.

Marie Jane Panzer added, “It was happiness in my mouth!! Tasty idea, Steve!!!"

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In email to Hudson Valley Post regarding the status of LEGOLAND in Goshen, Justin Rodriguez, the Assistant to the Orange County Executive, wrote, "The application is still in front of the Town of Goshen Planning Board."

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