The proposed Legoland in Goshen is still being finalized. Some residents have expressed concerns. The question, is the theme park still coming to the local area?

In March, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus told WPDH he was over “90%” certain that Legoland was coming to Orange County.

In May, a proposed site in Goshen was announced. The site includes land on Harriman Drive just off of Route 17 near exit 125.

The deal still hasn't been finalized as some residents have raised concerns.

“I think Legoland will happen,” Neuhaus told Hudson Valley Post Wednesday. “I think if people weigh a lot of houses vs Legoland, and if traffic is addressed, it’s really hard to say no to.”

The biggest concern seems to be increased traffic on Route 17 in Goshen. Neuhaus says New York State has to upgrade Route 17 regardless of Legoland. “Legoland has to show the traffic patterns of people coming in and out,” Neuhaus added. “If they can address maybe two lanes getting off the exit and two lanes out, without impacting local roads, that would go a long way.”

Legoland officials are now meeting with local residents and community leaders to outline their plans for Orange County. “If they are able to meet the concerns and address them properly, I’ll see them move forward. Otherwise that will be a hold up,” Neuhaus warned.

Neuhaus says developers are holding an open house Thursday in Goshen to give residents a chance to see a model of the park and voice their concerns. “I think it’s a positive (the park in Orange County) and a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said.

If the proposed park does come to fruition it’s expected to open in early 2019. “They will be fully under construction in a year from now… if they are coming here,” Neuhaus added.

For the complete interview with the Orange County Executive and more about his thoughts on how Legoland will help the Hudson Valley click on the video below.

What are your thoughts? Are you for are against Legoland landing in the Hudson Valley?

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