A "Bambino Boa" was found slithering around Yankee Stadium.

Officials were shocked to find a large snake outside of Yankee Stadium.

Snake Spotted Outside Yankee Stadium In Bronx County, New York

Cleveland Indians v New York Yankees
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On Friday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed ECOs Ableson and Goonan received reports of a large snake in Macombs Dam Park next to Yankee Stadium, on Sept. 26.

The Officers responded to the location with members of the New York Police Department and discovered a group of onlookers around a five-foot boa constrictor.

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The DEC dubbed the large snake the "Bambino Boa."

Bambino Boa - Bronx County


The "Bambino Boa" was found with duct tape around its mouth. This gave officers a clue.

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Because of the duct tape, wildlife officials believe the snake was "likely an abandoned pet."

The Officers transported the constrictor to the Animal Care Centers for New York City.

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The snake was later placed with a rehabilitator.

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