Lady Gaga's dogs that went viral after the dogs were stolen and Gaga's dog walker was shot have been spotted in the Hudson Valley.

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Last week, two of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs were stolen after someone shot her dog walker, 30-year-old Ryan Fischer. Two people then ran off with the dogs, officials say. Police add the shooter used a semi-automatic gun and sped off in a white car.

Fischer was reportedly "conscious but barely breathing" when police arrived on the scene. The Daily Mail reports he was shot four times in the chest.

Days later, Gaga's dogs were found. Police believe the woman who found and returned the dogs had no involvement with the robbery. It's unclear if the woman will receive the $500,000 reward Gaga offered.

Turns out Fischer, who is expected to make a full recovery, is from the Hudson Valley. Fischer was born in Cincinnati but has called New York home for many years, most recently living in Hudson.

"I will write and say more later, but the gratitude for all the love I feel from around this planet is immense and intense. I felt your healing support! Thank you. I am humbled and grateful that attention and focus from the police were enough to get Koji and Gustav back to safety, and I know they are committed to bringing these criminals and attempted murderers to justice," Fischer wrote on Instagram.

Fischer has even walked and cared for Lady Gaga's dogs in Columbia County while the singer was away on tour, according to his friend.

"I just read the news reports of Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga's dog walker who also kept her dogs for her when she was out of town and someone she deeply trusted to care for her companions, was shot in the chest while walking her dogs last night in LA where he had moved from here in Hudson where he'd often care for them here while she toured. The sweetest guy. He always brought a smile to my face when I'd run into him on the street," Kevin Sessums wrote on Facebook.

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