Do you need to get fingerprinted? Maybe there is a new job you are applying for or maybe your job now requires it, so where do you go? While you can ask your employer if there is a specific place that they would like you to go to and get fingerprinted, if they don't give you any direction, where do you go?

The second thing you need to find out is if you are required to give ink based fingerprints or if you need to have them scanned. See, you just thought fingerprints were fingerprints, right? Not necessarily. Where can you go to get this done, or are the people who will come to your home or place of business to perform this service for you?

Are there people who will come to your home or business and fingerprint you?

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You are in luck, there are companies/people who will come to your home or to your place of business and fingerprint you, here are just a few:

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Are there businesses in the Hudson Valley NY where you can walk-in and get fingerprinted?

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Yes, there are places (businesses) that you can walk into and get your fingerprinting done, see the list of a few places below. It is recommended that you call in advance to see what their fingerprinting hours are, do you need to make an appointment, cost of the service and method of payment that they accept.

  • Identogo, this is a place with multiple locations (do a zip code search) for digital fingerprinting. Some locations are also TSA Pre-Check Enrollment centers
  • Your local police station or sheriffs department. Call ahead and see what their hours are.
  • Also check with your closest UPS Store, as some locations will offer the service. For instance the location in Kingston NY does, but not the Poughkeepsie NY location.

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