If you're not a fan of flying and the thought of turbulence terrifies you there's a website that could be helpful in your future travels.

Said website has also released a list of some of the more rockier flight paths to avoid after collecting data over the last year.

Website Collects Flight Turbulence Data

Millions of people fly every day everywhere across the world, however, many on those flights are terrified by the whole experience. Mainly due to turbulence. Even well-seasoned travelers will tell you that turbulence has frightened them a time or 2.

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There's a website called Turbli that sounds like it was handcrafted for the nervous traveler.

According to the Turbli site, they are a tool for the,

curious traveler, the ones who fear flying, the people trying to concentrate on work through the flight, the parents hoping to walk their babies along the aisle, and many more.

The site collects forecast data from NOAA/NWS, which are also used by professional pilots when planning out their flight, then adapting that data into your flight by covering the takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing.

The Bumpiest Flights out of New York Airports

The data collected by Turbli throughout the year was recently crunched and lists were created to rank the most turbulent flight routes internationally and in the US.

Internationally, the US didn't even come close to reaching the top 10. The Most Turbulent Flight Route in the World according to Turbli and Fox Weather is from Santiago, Chile (SCL) to Santa Cruz, Bolivia (VVI).

In the US, several flight routes that depart and arrive in New York made the Top 10 list of most turbulent flights in 2023.

If you're not a fan of turbulence and want to try and avoid a bumpy ride, take a look at the list below and schedule your next trip accordingly.

Top 10 Most Turbulent US Flight Routes in 2023

If you're not a fan of flying and are slightly terrified of turbulence, you might want to avoid these flight routes...

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