One of the best parts of life in Beacon is that the buzz about the city makes it easy to draw out of town guests for a visit. And one of the toughest parts of life in Beacon is trying to choose where to bring those out-of-town visitors when the decide to spring a surprise trip to town on you.

There are certain places that have become my go-to when I have a friend or family member swinging through town at the last minute.

We're fortunate to have many incredible restaurants, galleries and stores throughout Beacon. These happen to be my personal recommendations and where I return again and again when I'm entertaining somebody. Do feel free to holler at me and tell me what I missed and what I got wrong. I can be found at jackie DOT corley AT townsquaremedia DOT com.

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Fishkill Overlook Waterfall

Jackie Corley/Townsquare Media
Jackie Corley/Townsquare Media

The waterfall near Main Street is an easy go-to and an iconic Beacon spot to take your visitors. The Roundhouse allows people to walk down to the scenic fenced off area when they don't have an event in progress.

The bridge over East Main Street allows some great views of the falls pouring over the rocks and is especially impressive after heavy rains.

The area along the railroad tracks running parallel to Main Street and across from Melzingah's is very accessible and has a few benches, should your guests need to take a break.

KuBe Art Center

DIA: Beacon is a world-renowned gallery that helped put Beacon on the map as a destination. If I'm looking for a quick and interesting drop-in spot, though, KuBe Art Center is my go-to.

Housed in a former high school, the KuBe's ambience is unlike any other art gallery I've seen. You feel as if you're walking around your old high school in the summer or post-graduation, and there's something eerie -- in a good way -- about walking around with a couple of people in a space that you know is meant to hold thousands.

The KuBe holds artist lofts and the Back to School AF, which ends May 18, features installations all around the building.

One of the adventurous parts about KuBe is finding your way in. There's a doorbell, but I'll confess that I always just look for a propped door somewhere around the building.

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Madam Brett Park

Madam Brett Park
Jackie Corley/Townsquare Media

Mount Beacon might provide the most scenic view but it doesn't lend itself to a quick, last minute activity, especially if your visitor isn't a fitness buff.

Madam Brett Park is flat and has views of a waterfall. Walking past the abandoned hat factory gives you an opportunity to flex some knowledge about Beacon's history as an industrial mecca.

Howland Cultural Center

Howland Cultural Center
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The Howland Cultural Center was designed by Richard Morris Hunt as a library in 1872.
Hunt was the architect behind the Statue of Liberty pedestal and the Biltmore Estate.

The architecture and the details of the building are incredible, inside and out, but you'll also want to keep an eye out for interesting arts and music events happening at the Howland.


What looks like a hole in the wall local bar from the outside is sure to astonish your guests. The local artwork decor is always a great conversation starter.

As they're taking in the scene, they're going to be smacked in the face by a top-notch list of craft beers on tap. This is when you lean in and say, "This place has the best Mexican food around here."

And when their dish arrives, you can lean back and smile, confident you've left your guests impress with your great taste.

Hudson Beach Glass

Hudson Beach Glass is a longtime Beacon staple and it can make for an especially memorable stop around the holidays when you can make your own glass ornament.

The store is beautiful to walkthrough any time of the year, though, with hundreds of pieces of glass artwork, decor and glass kitchenware available to view or to buy. Hudson Beach Glass also often houses the work of local artists on its walls.


Quinn's Restaurant

Quinn's is a vibe. Whatever your guest's feelings about ramen, the location is a great spot to hang out. The dark, reddish, '50s ambience along with great beer and the eclectic variety of musical acts performing there make it a must-see when visiting Beacon.

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Touring Beacon, New York

Beacon, New York has become a destination for both Hudson Valley residents and tourists. The choices for recreation, shopping, and dining are endless. The Beacon Flea Market along with boutique shops and tasty restaurants have made Beacon a great place to land for a weekend in the Hudson Valley. This is just a sample of what awaits you in this town along the Hudson River in Dutchess County.

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