A Dutchess County zoo is mourning the loss of 2 of it animals last week.

Millbrook School's Trevor Zoo is a popular stop for many across the Hudson Valley. It's a small, intimate zoo that houses over 160 exotic indigenous animals and 70 different species. They are also the only zoo in the world that is on a high school campus.

There is a veterinary clinic on-site and, The Trevor Zoo is accredited by the Associations of Zoos and Aquariums in the US.

2 Beloved Animals Pass Away at Millbrook's Trevor Zoo

Sadly, Lorilei and George (who was only 5 months old, and was born back on May 29th of this year) passed away at Millbrook School's Trevor Zoo.

Husbandry Keeper Hailey Burton.
Husbandry Keeper Hailey Burton.

The Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School shared the devastating news on their Facebook page on Friday, October 13, 2023. In a statement, they explained that Lorilei and George had similar symptoms to 2 other lemures who passed away in August. They write:

Their cause of death is still being examined by expert pathologists, but their symptoms and failing health mirrored that of London and Foster who passed away in August.

Testing For The Lemures Cause of Death Continues

As they mourn the loss of Lorilei and George, The Trevor Zoo is doing everything in its power to figure out what could have caused their death. On Facebook, they add "While providing the lemurs with every possible form of available care around the clock, we have been consulting with more than a dozen lemur specialists, veterinarians, institutions, testing labs, and the AZA species coordinators."

Unfortunately, they still do not have a "definitive diagnosis" but testing will continue as they hope to have more answers in the future.

Follow the Trevor Zoo on social media for updates and more information.

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