Central Hudson has begun the next phase in their new billing plan. Here's what customers in Dutchess County can expect from the new monthly meter reading plan.

Back in February, we told you that Central Hudson had announced plans to change how they calculate their monthly bills to its 63,000 customers in Ulster County.

The meter reading implementation plan was announced by company CEO Christopher Capone who said,

“The practice of issuing bills with bi-monthly estimates has become a pain point for many of our customers."


Central Hudson/Facebook/Canva
Central Hudson/Facebook/Canva

Central Hudson Done in Ulster County

Capone also said that the billing change was being done to try and increase customer "confidence" as they have been scrutinized in the past for the way they issued and calculated customer's bills each month. The new meter implementation plan is all but complete in Ulster County and now the company is turning to parts of Dutchess County.

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Central Hudson Meter Reading Plans For Dutchess County Begin

Central Hudson has begun to transition approximately 86,000 residential customers in many parts of Dutchess County away from alternating estimated/actual readings over to a monthly meter reading schedule.

The new meter implementation plan will cover its Poughkeepsie operating division, which includes: Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, LaGrange, Union Vale, Washington, Pleasant Valley, Clinton, Stanford, North East, Pine Plains Milan, and southern Columbia County.

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Customers who are a part of this phase of the new plan will receive notification directly from Central Hudson. Personally, as a customer in the affected area, I was notified by email and was told I did not need to do anything to complete the transition.

Meter Reading

How Long Will This Transition Take in Dutchess County?

Joe Jenkins, the Director of Media Relations at Central Hudson, told us they are expecting the Poughkeepsie operating district to be fully implemented and on monthly meter reading schedules by the end of May and expect to have the vast majority of their customers converted to monthly meter reading schedules by the end of the summer. Jenkins also explained that they decided to use a "phased approach" to the new procedure to ensure a "seamless transition" for its customers.

getty images/ thinkstock, Minerva Studio, Canva
getty images/ thinkstock, Minerva Studio, Canva

Can Central Hudson Customers Opt Out of the New Plan?

Jenkins told us that customers who have transitioned to a monthly meter reading schedule no longer have the option to submit their own meter readings but offered a way to ensure the accuracy of their monthly reading by comparing the reading reflected on their monthly bill with the number on their meter.

Jenkins also told us that the new meter reading plan will not completely eliminate the need for estimates as they may need to still be used under certain circumstances. For example, if Central Hudson is unable to access the meter to read it because it is behind a locked gate or something similar, they may still use an estimate for that customer's bill.

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Most customers are hopeful that the new billing changes will eliminate the billing issues many experienced over the last couple of years and according to Jenkins that's exactly why they are doing it,

"We believe monthly meter reads will provide confidence that a customer’s bill aligns with their actual usage on a monthly basis. We feel this is a critical step in restoring trust in Central Hudson."


Newburgh and Fishkill, New York Next

Central Hudson is planning to transition customers in its Newburgh and Fishkill operating districts to monthly meter reading schedules later in the spring and expects to have the vast majority of its customers converted to monthly meter reading schedules by the end of the summer.

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