A group of high school students were on their way back from a field trip late Thursday when they noticed something wasn't right. According to the students, the driver of the school bus was "driving erratically", raising suspicions that they could be intoxicated while behind the wheel, says WIVB.

According to the New York State DMV, the penalties for aggravated driving while intoxicated carry a mandatory fine of $1,000 to $2,500 dollars, and lose of your driver's license for at least a year.

Students Say Bus Driver on School Field Trip Allegedly Drove Drunk 

WIVB reports that a group of high school students were coming home from a trip to Holiday Valley, when they noticed that their bus driver was going the wrong way. Franklinville Police told WIVB that the 35-year-old driver, who was also a teacher, had been operating the vehicle while way over the limit.

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According to a waitress at a country club, the alerted students begged the driver to pull over so they could use the restroom. According to WIVB, one of the few businesses that was open late Thursday was the Ischua Valley Country Club.

The waitress at the country club restaurant said around a dozen students entered the area “crying hysterically”.

Police said the driver was charged with twelve counts of endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated driving while intoxicated as a felony and misdemeanor.

WIVB reports that the driver blew a .20%, which is two and a half times over New York's BAC limit of 0.08%. WIVB also reports that the woman has also been terminated from the school where she worked.

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