Update: Joey Chestnut BANNED from Competition

With only a month remaining until the highly anticipated Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, the burning question on many minds is:

Could you actually compete?

Over the last decade, the contest has been dominated by the legendary Joey Chestnut, with HIS SOLE defeat at the hands of Matt Stonie in 2015. Meanwhile, in the women's division, Miki Sudo has held an iron grip on the Mustard Belt, winning nine out of ten times in the past decade

But what about the average hot dog enthusiast such as yourself?

Is there a chance of donning the prestigious Mustard Belt?

The answer, as with many things, is both yes and no.

The path to Nathan's glory is paved with qualifiers, as detailed on majorleagueeating.com, has three qualifiers already completed, there are only four left on the journey to the main event.

Annual Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest Held On July 4th
Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Among these remaining qualifiers are two located on the east coast, offering local hopefuls a chance to showcase their eating prowess? Notably, one of these qualifiers is a mere stone's throw away, situated at Bristol, Connecticut's Lake Compounce. The same theme park where Milli Vanilli was  famously caught Lip-Synching during their Club MTV Tour on July 21, 1989.


For those with an insatiable appetite and a knack for speed eating, the dream of competing at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is not entirely out of reach. With determination, practice, and perhaps a dash of luck, contenders may find themselves vying for the ultimate prize: the coveted Mustard Belt. So, with just a month left, could you be the next hot dog eating champion?

Champions Compete In Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest
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No. But you CAN sports bet on it .


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