Rider safety is extremely important and Metro-North is making sure riders are following the correct protocol.

It's pretty scary that we have to remind people not to do this. Like really scary...

Many people throughout New York State rely on Metro-North to get them safely to their destinations. Yes, while you're on the train you do get to see some beautiful spots in the Hudson Valley, but that Instagram or Facebook picture isn't worth risking your life for.

Come on people.

What safety warning did Metro-North recently have to give out?

Metro-North is reminding riders and people that they need to be extra safe and not stand on the tracks to get a good photo. I'm not kidding this reminder did have to go out to people and I'm just as scared for our world as you are after reading that.

Metro-North is reminding people to stay on the premises and that you can still get some great footage on the sidelines.

We have become so picture-obsessed (and I'm guilty of it at times), but we do need a dose of reality and need to remember to pay attention. Walking on the tracks or near them while you're not paying attention could cause a very dangerous situation for everyone and it's something that is completely preventable.

The views are nice around here, but no way would I risk the safety of others or mine to get a good photo of it.

Remember to be safe, we are all just trying to get to our destinations safely and don't need any disruptions in the process.

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