One Hudson Valley business isn't playing around when it comes to hiring.

We've all had those jobs where the workplace is just different. For me, this was working in the restaurant industry. When I was in high school I was a waitress at a pizzeria in the Hudson Valley. If you've ever worked in a restaurant before, you know serving is a job very few can do well, and the workplace is often crazy.

One restaurant in the Hudson Valley has recently posted a brutally honest job listing. The Captain's Table in Monroe is looking to add to its team. They're hiring for servers and bartenders, but not just any servers and bartenders. They want someone who is "sane, non dramatic, experienced, and T.I.P.S. certified."

The job listing on their Facebook reads:

We are hiring Servers & Bartenders who are sane, non dramatic, experienced & T.I.P.S. certified. Must have an appreciation of skillful sarcasm, doesn't cry easily, must be able to work nights & weekends & doesn't expect a gold star for showing up.
If this is you, please come in for an application.

While you might think this is a little too direct, people are eating it up on Facebook. Of the 57 comments and counting, nearly every single one praises the honest job posting. The job posting also has over 130 shares at the time this article was written. If you're interested in applying, The Captain's Table says to stop into the restaurant for an application. Just make sure you don't cry easily!

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