Police from the Hudson Valley are hoping for help as they crack down on street “art.”

The City of Kingston Police Department is looking for the people responsible for tagging graffiti on other people’s property, including buildings, fences and cars throughout the City of Kingston.

“We understand that graffiti is considered art – Some of it is incredibly moving,” the Kingston Department wrote on Facebook. “But it stops being art when it is painted on a canvass belonging to someone else. It becomes a criminal matter.”

Anyone with information on the person or people responsible is asked to call Detective La Spina at 845-943-5732 or email him at vlaspina@kingston-ny.gov All calls and emails will remain confidential. You can also make an anonymous tip at 845-331-4499.

“The City of Kingston is extremely supportive of talented artists that bring their imaginative and creative skills to our area. There are many art studios and galleries that have opened throughout the City of Kingston displaying those talents," the police department adds.

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