No new taxes. Officials plan to lower taxes in one Hudson Valley county to the lowest rate since the 1960s!

On Tuesday, Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus released his proposed budget for 2024.

2024 Orange County Budget Proposed Budget


Neuhaus announced his $923,069,885 County budget for 2024 on Tuesday at the Orange County Association of Towns, Villages and Cities meeting at the Erie Hotel and Restaurant in Port Jervis.

“Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars in unfunded mandates created by State Legislators, the County budget once again lowers County property taxes and meets these mandates,” Neuhaus said. “I will continue to make it a priority to stabilize and strengthen finances without sacrificing essential services to our residents. Independent auditors have validated the financial decisions we have made, and I look forward to working with the County Legislature to build on our successes.”

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Lower Taxes Proposed In Orange County, New York


The biggest highlight of the budget is the Orange County tax rate will drop for the eighth straight year and remain within the New York State Tax Cap mandate.

"It remains the lowest tax rate in Orange County since the 1960s. The County anticipates collecting $124.5 million in property taxes while the cost of nine State mandates alone exceeds $168.3 million," the Orange County Executive's Office stated in a press release.

The proposed County Tax Rate is $2.34, which is lower than what it was last year and lower than what the rate was when Neuhaus first took office in 2014, officials say.

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Orange County
Orange County

“I commend the County Executive for once again putting together an efficient budget,” Chairwoman of the Legislature Katie Bonelli said. “It has been a pleasure working cooperatively with him and the Legislature, developing a budget that works for all residents."

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