A Hudson Valley McDonald's responded to social media accusations that they're running an expensive scam that's taking advantage of local customers.

Last week a viral Facebook post said if you park at the McDonald's on Main Street in Poughkeepsie and step off the property--even if you purchased items at the fast food eatery--a local towing company is placing a yellow boot device on your windshield.

On Wednesday, I met with the marketing manager for the Main Street McDonald's who told me only people who park but don't patronize the business are being towed. He then showed me there are a number of signs posted in the parking lot warning the parking lot is for McDonald's customers only.

One states, "Parking for McDonald's CUSTOMERS ONLY." The sign also says, "Failure to comply will result in vehicle towing or immobilization."

It's unclear why people are allegedly parking at McDonald's but not walking into the restaurant, but there are a number of businesses within walking distance of the eatery.

"We don't boot or tow anyone who patronizes McDonald's. Only the ones who park and walk off the property. The signs are posted all over," the owner of Bobby's Auto Repair & Collison told Hudson Valley Post. "If there are 10 spots in the parking lot and five are taken up by people not patronizing McDonald's then customers of McDonald's drive off when they can't find a parking spot, causing business to be lost."

A McDonald's representative told me regular customers recently began complaining they couldn't find parking and confirmed the business took a hit prior to the eatery employing Bobby's Auto Repair & Collison to monitor the parking lot.

The rep told me sales have increased since Bobby's Auto Repair & Collison started placing yellow boot devices on the vehicles of people who park at McDonald's but don't walk into the fast-food restaurant.

According to the McDonald's rep, McDonald's corporate is ok with the new policy as long as there are signs warning people. Emails to McDonald's corporate haven't been returned to Hudson Valley Post.

Another issue plaguing the Main Street McDonald's recently is drugs, according to the McDonald's rep. The rep tells me and provided me with photos of drug paraphilia found inside and outside of the store.

The drug problem forced a local landscaper to stop doing business with the McDonald's.

"We cannot and will not put the health or lives of any of our employees in danger by possible getting poked, stuck or infected by the obscene amount of hypodermic needles littering the entire property," the landscaper said to McDonald's in an email given to Hudson Valley Post.

The McDonald's rep. tells me the drug issue started recently, adding while it's still an issue it's improving because Bobby's Auto Repair & Collison is monitoring the parking lot.

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